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OHLEsport is proud to introduce it's second training aid. The OHLEpro is a one-of-a-kind, quality built to help improve even more soccer skills. It has an adjustable arm to help players with their fast footwork and can be used in the air as well as rolling on the ground. With soccer players utmost in mind this product can be used both indoors and out. OHLEsport training aid will improve a player's first touch with both feet.

All shipping costs on the products are for Continental United States delivery only.

For orders/inquiries inside the United States, please call 303 507 4694 or email OHLEsport directly at customerservice@OHLEsport.com

For orders/inquiries outside the United States, please call (USA) +1-720.397.9597 / (Germany) +49 (0) 162 345 3063 or email jrose@OHLEsport.com



Key Benefits

  • 1). Assemble and disassemble in seconds
  • 2). Portable and easy to carry
  • 3). Adjustable arm for every type of touch
  • 4). Polyurethane ball for perfect muscle memory
  • 5). Complete interactive training system for all ages and levels ( Download free OHLEsport app )
  • 6). Ideal for Individuals, coaches, teams and parents
  • 7). Indoor / outdoor use
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