For over twenty-five years, Robert Ohle has been a very successful and enthusiastic coach. His passion for soccer and need to see players improve, was his vision for inventing a training aid that can be used for coaching, individuals and teams.

OHLEsport, Inc. is a Colorado based company dedicated to the advanced training of soccer enthusiasts. After years of development, OHLEsport launched the OHLEsport Training Aids.

The OHLE Training Aid was created in 2008 by Robert Ohle. He saw a real need for soccer players to develop the most important part of any soccer player’s skills, ‘The First Touch!’ In the past, the first touch on the soccer ball was very time consuming and a difficult skill to teach.

Meet The Inventor


Robert has always had a passion for the game of soccer whether playing or coaching and knew that soccer would become an essential part of his life forever.

Robert began playing soccer as a very young age in Denver, Colorado, long before soccer was ever considered as American sport. He was fortunate to be trained by many talented European players and coaches.

Robert was one of the youngest players ever to play for the Denver Kickers Sports Club, which was one of the most prestigious teams in the United States at the time of his youth.

Here are some of the many accomplishments that Robert has achieved throughout his career:

  • Director/Owner of Colorado Soccer Camps for over 25 years.
  • Published the first Soccer Magazine of its kind ‘Colorado Soccer’.
  • Created the first Indoor Soccer League in Colorado, which was played at the Denver Coliseum.
  • In 1978 – 1979 Robert made the final selection for the U.S. Olympic Team and had the opportunity to play at the National Sports Festival in the U.S. Olympics Training Center in Colorado Springs. However, the U.S. boycotted the Russian Olympics.
  • Robert played for the Denver Kickers Sports Club “A” team during his time with the Kickers. Their team accomplished:
  • – U.S. National Amateur Cup Champions, 1977, 1978 and 1983
    – North American Amateur Cup Champions, 1983
    – Nineteen time Colorado State Cup Champions

  • Played with the Colorado All-Star team. Players were selected to play against the NASL Pro Teams with the hope of bringing a professional franchise to Colorado.
  • One of the first soccer players to receive a scholarship to Denver’s Metropolitan State College.

During His Career He Played Against Such Teams As:

  • U.S. National Team
  • Numerous NASL Professional team’s
  • Israel National Team
  • West Ham United – England 1st Division
  • Rot-Weiss Essen – Germany, 1st Division
  • TV Atoetting – Germany
  • Renacimieto Leon – Mexico, 1st Division
  • FC Sandt-Wien – Austria VFL
  • Oldenburg – Germany
  • TSU Sonthofen – Germany
  • Falke-Steinfeld – Germany

Coaching Licenses, Classes And Clinics

1981 – Weil Coerver Course Teaching dribbling foundations, ball control and beating an opponent. Had the honor of attending and being trained by the master, Weil Coerver himself.
1999 – Brazil Advanced License, Brusa Soccer Institute
1998 – Scotland “C” License, Scottish Football Association