Gerry Wittmann
Founder / Columnist
James Richardson
DFB (German Football Association) reg. Agent
Owner of Soccernetwork
Stephan Fuchs
Sports Director / Team Manager
Loewen Rot-Weiss Frankfurt (A mentally and physically disabled soccer team in Germany)
Devon Yoakam
USSF B License Coach
Soccer Development / Operations Former Pro and Semi Pro Player
Aaron Golzman
Engineer, Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert
CEO of Golzman Partners – A Spanish company dedicated to the development of international business and innovation with social commitment. Official Partner of the Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation Partner of the World Football Summit. The most important meeting of the football industry in Spain
Adil Boujaida
Former Pro Soccer Player in Germany
B License Coach Athletic Scholar – Sport Therapist Soccer Coach of Rot-Weiss-Frankfurt