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OHLEsport Launches New Website

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / Des Hague and Justin J. Rose, OHLEsport Chairman of the Board and President, announced today the launch of its newly revamped OHLEsport website. Denver-based OHLEsport (www.ohlesport.com) is the creator of The OHLEkick, OHLEpro and OHLEsport Total Training System. The newly redesigned website offers a detailed understanding of the Company’s innovative soccer training system. It has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content focused on the Company’s mission to motivate, instill and empower confidence, fitness and life skills ”One OHLE at a time.” The new website also includes a comprehensive section on the OHLEsport global ambassadors, advisors, corporate sponsors and community partners in addition to detailed information about the OHLEsport Kids Future Fund that has the sole purpose of strengthening at-risk and underserved youth in the US and abroad to find ways to a brighter future.

”I’m thrilled to work with the OHLEsport team to launch the world’s best soccer development system,” stated Hague. ”It is so pleasing on multiple fronts to be involved and help this organization thrive; the team, over countless years, has tirelessly developed a training system that is already being endorsed and supported by professional players, coaches and various leagues. Secondly, through the OHLEsport Kids Future Fund, we are able to be a force for good and really help children living in at-risk communities at home and aboard,” concluded Hague.

”OHLEsport has a new look, feel and function that everyone who is part of the OHLE team and those that benefit from our great products can be excited about,” said Rose. ”Go to www.ohlesport.com for the latest testimonials, advisors, ambassadors, partners, videos and current news about the OHLE from around the world which will be updated consistently with new moves, upcoming events and success stories. Our American Born / German Engineered products are ready for all players, coaches, clubs, and sponsors.”

”I invite you to check out the website and see how you can join us in being a force for good,” said Hague.

About OHLEsport

Colorado-based OHLEsport, Inc. is dedicated to beginning through advanced training of soccer enthusiasts. After years of development, OHLEsport launched The OHLEsport Training System that helps every soccer player to develop the ‘first touch,’ which is the most important part of any soccer player’s skills. The OHLEkick and OHLEpro which can be used year-round, outside and indoors, allow an individual to not only develop their touch in a fun way but also to improve confidence in their weaker foot — two things so important to the development of a soccer player. In addition, with the DVD and access to the OHLEsport app, a player receives instruction AND a way of measuring improvement that carries over to performance on the field. Inexpensive, durable and lightweight, using The OHLEsport Training System is the one simplest way to make one’s performance better.

SOURCE: Hague Enterprises

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