"The OHLE (kick and pro) is a great product to effectively improve any player’s technique. It is unbelievable system which gradually improves two footed players. Top trainers today want technically strong players who are able to use both feet.” - Frank Gerster

Former German Professional Soccer Player - Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt and German National Team

"The idea of this simple yet unique OHLE training system brings a lot to the sport in terms of development, allowing repetitive touches on the ball as well as focus on mastering your first touch. It’s an enjoyable tool that I have placed in our team locker room to incorporate it into my training regime. My teammates are also very fond of it and we use it to help prepare for our sessions for the day." - Gina Lewandowski

Current Bayern Munich Player and US Women’s National Team Pool

“Whatever the level, the OHLE provides repetition, develops skill and fine-tunes touches. It is a fun and unique tool to add in your training regime. I have watched youth players, parents, and professionals experience the OHLE machines; it brings nothing but smiles and a knowledge of how to correctly work with the ball.” - Thalya Dwyer

Current Eintracht Frankfurt Player

"I am committed to the complete OHLEsport training system and use it regularly in my personal training regime as well as camps and other events for kids. I believe in the training system and development nature of the program and the emphasis by OHLEsport on doing good for communities and especially at-risk youths.” - Victor Rolph

Current Rot-Weiss Frankfurt Player

“The OHLEpro is literally a game changer. It provides unique development opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. Everyone I’ve shown it to has had a positive reaction.” - Bill Peterson

Former NASL Commissioner and Current Director at TopSportSolutions

“We thank YOU from our hearts for your support and we really look forward to a continued partnership together. The kids not only had fun, but also benefited immensely from your OHLE system.” - Susanne Jahrreiss

Corporate Communications, Bundesliga

“I deal with and take care of handicap people in soccer. With the OHLE, handicap players learn the most important techniques. They gain self-confidence, acquire inner strength and self-motivation. OHLE means for me… small training great effect.” - Stephan Fuchs

Sports Director / Team Manager / Mentor for Loewen Rot-Weiss Frankfurt Soccer Team

"I have represented the OHLEpro to some of the German Bundesliga and Czech 1. League Academy’s and to coaches at all levels of the game. They are using the OHLEs in their weekly training program. Especially the younger kids are enjoying it so much and it helps their first touch, their balance and using even the weaker foot; the number of touches they get through this training aid is amazing. The coaches reported to me, that they are very happy with it and cannot wait to the next generation of OHLEsport.” - James Richardson

DFB (German Football Association) Registered Agent and Founder of Soccernetwork

“I can’t think of a better product to have here in the States. The OHLE (kick and pro) not only promotes great touch and technique, but can also be utilized as a strength and conditioning tool. Furthermore, this training aid allows players of all ages to practice in small, indoor spaces without the fear of breaking precious household items." - Devon Yoakam

Former Professional Soccer Player, USSF B Licensed Coach and Soccer Business Executive

“The OHLE is a wonderful training accessory that can help any player from youth ranks to the professionals.” - Gerry Wittmann

Founder and Editer of BundesligaFanatic.com website

"The OHLE Training Aid by OHLEsport is a wonderful tool to help players of all ages learn balance, ball control, foot speed and use of both the left foot and right foot. With the OHLE, players can get constant touches on the ball and learn how to control the ball with both feet. Foot speed will increase with the pace of the ball as well as body position and balance with every touch. I have played and coached at every level and I give my full support and I believe that with the OHLEsport Training Aids your game will improve immensely." - Emilio Romero

Former Professional Coach and Player, Former U.S Men's National Team Player